Drip Coffee 1.75, 2.25, 2.75

Choose from a selection of brews, self-serve

Pour Over Coffee $4

Individually brewed artisan coffee, choose your own variety listed by the register

Espresso $2.50

Macchiato $3

Cappuccino $3.50

Latte (Iced or Hot) $4

Americano $2.75


Tea and Other Drinks

Tea and Other Drinks

Hot or Iced Tea 3.00, 3.50

Organic and Hand Blended

  • Chai
  • Decaf Chai
  • Green Herbal
  • Hibiscus
  • Lemon Jolt
  • Relaxing Flower
  • Sencha Green
  • Peppermint
  • Earl Grey
  • Yerba Mate

Chai Latte (Hot or Iced) 4.00

Handmade chia concentrate steamed with grass fed milk

Matcha Tea Latte (Hot or Iced) 4.50

Organic Green tea matcha powder, steamed into grass fed milk

Hot Chocolate 2.50, 3.00, 3.50

Grass fed chocolate milk, steamed to perfection

Affogato 5.00

Rachel's Handmade vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso

Blended Bleak 5.00

A blend of Rachel's vanilla ice cream, Hartzler's grass fed chocolate milk, and a shot of espresso




Waffles (Served Saturday & Sunday) Varies

Weekends are for waffles! Join us every Saturday from 9am-2pm for a waffle brunch. Flavors are posted on Facebook and on the blackboard ahead of time. See you there! 

Breakfast Sammie $6

Toasted english muffin, scrambled egg, peppers, cheddar, & your choice of avocado, ham, or turkey

Garden Salad $4

Romaine, cucumber, tomato, carrots, & green pepper

Grateful Oats $5

Oatmeal with cinnamon, fresh banana, maple syrup, & your choice of milk

Killa Quiche $8

House-made butter crust, egg custard, roasted red pepper, brie, caramelized onion baked as a tart, served with simple green salad. Hot or Cold

Summer Lunch Bowl $8

Marinated portobello, sautéed spinach, quinoa, carrot, avocado, sunflower seeds with a lemon dressing. Served as a composed cold salad

Turkey Pesto Panini $9

Ciabatta, turkey breast, mozzarella, tomato, & pesto. Grilled to perfection, served with potato chips